Virus & Malware Removal

Virus Removal

Computer Viruses


Computer Viruses, also known as trojans, keyloggers, malware, spyware and ransomware at best are annoying but they can also severely harm your computer, steel personal data (including passwords and bank details) and even lock or remove all of the files on your PC!

It is important to keep your system clean of infections.  However, when you do get infected, make sure you take your computer to someone you trust.  We not only remove the malicious software fully from your computer, we also do our best to find out how it got onto your computer in the first place and help to make sure these infections do not return.

Not sure if you are infected or not?  Come in for a free diagnostic and one our technicians can thoroughly look over your computer and offer any recommendations to improve your digital security.

I think I have a Virus! What Should I Do?


Record the Details.

Make a note of what is happening to make you think that you might have a virus. Take a photo, screenshot or video if you think it will help.


Turn off the Computer.

Some viruses will attempt to cause further damage or steal more data. The longer you leave the computer turned on , the more damage can be done.


Contact a Professional.

Contact us and tell us the symptoms and we will let you know if it is safe to keep using the computer or if we think it needs urgent attention.