Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement 

Modern laptop screens are extremely fragile and can easily be damaged. Usually damage is caused by a physical blow to the laptop (yes, dropping the laptop too!) although technical faults also occur. Sometimes the damage is superficial like a crack in the screen surface or just a very small section of the screen that has become distorted, but more often than not, the screen is badly effected or not visible at all, and will need to be replaced.

Computer Centre are able to supply and fit replacement screens to most laptops, including all major brands as well as Apple Macbook devices. We have suppliers in Malaga, Murcia and Madrid (with next day delivery) as well as other suppliers in the UK and China for the screens that are particularly hard to source. 


Please Note:

Unless the damage to the screen is obvious, there might be a number of other reasons why the screen is not diplaying properly such as a faulty graphics processor, a faulty data cable or even a software issue.

If you are not sure that your screen needs replacing, why not let us diagnose the fault for you.

I Need a Screen Replacement,  What Happens Next?


Identify your laptop.

Please send us the manufacturer & model number of the laptop requiring a replacement screen or bring the laptop to us and we will identify it for you.


Get a great quote.

We will identify the required screen and get the best possible price from our suppliers. Our quote will include both parts and labour.


Let us complete the repair.

When your new screen arrives, all you need to do is bring your laptop to us and we will take care of the rest.